File Transfer from ionic browser to EC2

I would like to send files (.csv and .json) from ionic (browser, angular) to EC2. Below are some of the details that i have tried but none of them are works.

  • I found this File Transfer for iOS but is for iOS.

  • I saw this File Transfer , but I couldn’t get the file path.

  • As far as I concerned, due to security concern, for security reasons browsers do not allow this, i.e. JavaScript in browser has no access to the File System ( source )

  • For File Path provided by ionic, it can only be used on Android.

Below are the code that successfully allow user to browse local directory and select a file.

fileChange(file) {
this.file =[0];
this.file_name =;
<input type=“file” accept=".csv" style=“display: none” #file (change)=“fileChange($event)”/>
<ion-button (click)=“”>Browse

I am developing browser, anyone have idea on how to send file to EC2?