File system and storing data

Hi, I want to learn how to store files, pictures and any other kind of data with ionic. If possible it should work on all devices with the same file system… But in general I don’t know anything about file systems on mobile devices… What should I learn first and how do file systems on mobile devices work?

Basically, it is “none of your business.” You are programming in the browser, and all browser companies are moving toward restricting what files and file structure information a program can have access to. So to program across platform without fear of having your app rejected by a future security update, focus on files your app brings with it (like splashscreen images), and how to process files chosen by the user (like images or videos the user selected to upload)


I saw that there is a native feature of Ionic called “File”. I can easily import it and work with it and it shouldn’t bring up any problems. The only thing I want to know is, how the file system of mobile devices works. So do you know any website that describes that?

Please link me to documentation that asserts this.

Here it is

Please read the documentation of that plugin.

I have…? “This plugin implements a File API allowing read/write access to files residing on the device.” --> That’s exactly what I want - isn’t it? I can store data in form of a file on the device…?

Key word: sandboxed storage

I think I am at a loss… I don’t get why it isn’t what I want?

Maybe it is! Good luck.

Thank you! But I can create files local on the device with it, right?

Yes. But in very limited areas, and those areas are not all the same on every platform. Reads the “quirks” sections closely. And Apple, Mozilla, other companies might change their security rules again tomorrow. So this might not be as simple as you think. But I don’t know what you’re trying to do.


Does that run in the browser?? I thought Cordova generates native code for Android and IOS… :thinking: :disappointed_relieved: