File/Dir not exist after upgrade to beta 11

I just upgrade to beta 11 yesterday and suddenly File plugin give me ‘not exist’ error even though the folder/files were there.

            File.checkDir(this.getAppStoragePath(), 'files').then(
                (result) => console.log("Dir Exist: ", result),
                (error) => {
                    console.error("Dir Exist Error: ", error)

            File.listDir(this.getAppStoragePath(), 'files').then(
                (result) => console.log("Dir List: ", result),
                (error) => console.error("Dir Listing Error: ", error)

So, i try to check if the directory exist and also to list down the content of the directory. Surprisingly, I was able to list the content of the said directory, which mean it exist, but calling checkDir return false. How is it even possible?


Alright… I swear I’m going to get insane someday… back in beta 10, I have to strip the last backslash to make it work…


And suddenly, without notice, right after upgrade to beta 11, suddenly it fall back to require the backslash…


Talking about inconsistencies… :disappointed: