Few display issues *please Help

I have a few issues and just wondering how to correct them.

  1. I have data displaying in a list, but it’s not displaying “WYSIWYG.” I have “It’s A New Day” but it displays the ’ in it’s as &8217 and a semi colon.

  2. I am fetching JSON data and in the string, it has a p tag and that tag is displaying in the result display. I don’t want to show the tags, just text.

any ‘weird’ symbols in your string can be interpeted different. so if you would like to plot “It’s A New Day” as a string you should add a \ symbol before the ’ symbol like so: ’ .

to not edit all your texts add add this, you can use REGEX (regular espression) to automaically do this on the fly.

Regex can also be used to manipulate a string with HTML code inside to replace/modify/remove those html tags.

This should solve both your issues at once…

more info;

Regex is not easy to learn but VERY powerfull, it’s well worth learning :wink:

here is an online tool to experiment with regex:

I hope it helps.

Happy hacking!