Feature Request: RSS/XML Feed Component in Ionic Creator


I would love to have a drop & drag component that can import and display a RSS/XML feed with standard features such as OG:IMAGE and OG:LINK that functions similar to the Card component and it’s ability to launch offsite links in a browser flawlessly.

Currently, I use an IFRAME to display a webpage with a grid output of an RSS feed. Problems arise when I try to launch a new browser window to the Original Article/Read More link as there are known issues with doing this currently in Creator when using IFRAME.

PLEASE, PLEASE add this functionality. Is there a place I can log this request in the hopes others can vote this up and make it happen?

Keep up the good work!


Yes i would also love to have this in creator. Two thumbs up on that.


would definitely use this, there seems to be a lot of guidance out there but no one complete guide.


RSS feature would be greatly appreciated


i think but i am not sure you can get RSS/xml in html code and display it in ionic. But i am not sure about it.


Any update on this? I’d really like to have this.