FCM notification with image in IONIC 3

I am using

plugin for fcm notification. im able to send regular notification but it wont work with image notification,what should do to fix this in ionic 3 bcz it was working in previsous ionic 1 projects

follwing data is received with notification on device

{“click_action”:“FCM_PLUGIN_ACTIVITY”,“icon”:“",“picture”:“https://static.pexels.com/photos/248797/pexels-photo-248797.jpeg”,“image”:“”,“callback”:“app.TabsNewPage”,“wasTapped”:false,“style”:“picture”,“body”:"how are you”,“sound”:“default”,“force-start”:“1”,“summaryText”:“how are you”,“content-available”:“1”,“notId”:“2859”,“title”:“all member hello”}

any news with this issue?
As i know FCM doesn’t provide such feature, maybe you found another service for it?

Hi @prashant454, did you solve the issue?
Thanks in advance