FastCanvas plugin not working


I’m trying to create a hybrid application through the IONIC framework which displays multiple moving graphics implemented through HTML5 Canvas and JS. But, the animation renders very slowly in mobiles (even those with 1GB RAM).

We have identified and downloaded FastCanvas (Cordova/PhoneGap plugin). We followed the instructions given in the URL - But under “Adding FastCanvas to Your Application” we hit a roadblock when we come to instructions 3 and 4 as there are no Java folders in my project.

The example (HTML5 Game) given in the url is done through PhoneGap which has the mentioned folder structure and it works fine when we build through Android studio.

We have tried to build our project (done through ionic framework) through Android Studio but, gradle build system was unable to identify the framework. Request someone to please guide me further to solve this
issue since, I’m struggling to come up with a solution for long.

Note: We have already tried Canvas, JS, CSS3 and wizCanvas plugin for the animation but, the output is same - slow.