Famo.us integration

Will ionic integrate Famo.us framework in the futur ? It will be so cool!


Famo.us looks very promising performance wise. However, on first glance, it doesn’t look very easy to integrate into angular. They really have a different philosophy.

Anyway, The creators of famo.us gave some details about angularjs integration here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DE_26fh9nYbU2xYcrxPWFLjC5Lc1M-0vf2L-qTmuoqw/edit#heading=h.rk4f8cwl477o (page 6-8). Their answers: we don’t really like angular and integration is going to be difficult, but not impossible.

On page 15 ionic is briefly mentioned

at the famo.us launch last week they had a demo station devoted to angular + famous, spearheaded by the engineers from Thomas St.

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Sound great! If anybody have a demo with angular, it’ll be good :wink:

Yep, right now we won’t be integrating it, but that’s largely because we have a different philosophy, and some of the upcoming additions to Ionic will overlap with some of their stuff. And as @seba and @adrichman mentioned, an Angular integration will be interesting to see, but probably quite a bit different from how Ionic or most Angular apps are built.

When they look at the future of the browser they see a custom layout and rendering engine powering web apps. We see browser standards and technologies people already know. It’s a fundamental difference which makes an integration a lot harder.


Hi @max, thanks for the info.

Are you considering at ionic to being open to this technology once it going to be much easier the integration?


I’m really into both famo.us and of course ionic as well.

Did you check this out?

What do you think? Does this mean we can integrate famo.us inside an ionic navview?
Did anyone test this?


The famo.us demos don’t work very well in Chrome Desktop, or Mobile. But it looks like the animations can be accomplished with css3 transforms which are pretty easy to implement with ngAnimate.


Here is the repo.

Famo.us looks great, but lacks UI elements like standard tabs with badges and modals. It would have been great to be able to create a blank page in ionic and add elements to it with famo.us. Sometimes you need standard list views and tabs, and sometimes you need to use a physics engine to animate graphic elements.

And here the generator: https://github.com/thaiat/generator-angular-famous-ionic