Failed to download .ipa from Ionic Pro Dashboard [FIXED]

Failed to download .ipa from Ionic Pro Dashboard

When I click to download .ipa…

I get an error


This is, for sure, a coding problem. Review your code looking for jobId. It seems that you are trying to read this property somewhere where it is not defined, as the error says.

For sure, This is not a coding problem. After a few hours, the system normalized and the downloads started working again. Probably the error was in some internal dependency of the Ionic Pro Package, something that would not have relation with my code.

Oh! your welcome. I will try to help you any time you need, without receiving anything back, oh yes! bad words :slight_smile:

When you solve an issue you should explain how it was solve not to make people loose time in you. And try to give back what you try to get with your questions.

Have a nice day

Have a nice day and thank you for trying to help. Surely you can count on my help also in what I can help you. :grinning::dove::peace_symbol: