Failed load json

anyone know why? what’s wrong with my coding?
when debug in the browser chrome no problem, but when debugging emulator os Genymotion kitkat resource load failed json so … why? any suggestions?

this is my coding:

$scope.feedlist = [];

    $scope.feedlist = response;



<div class="list">
	<div class="item item-text-wrap">
	<a class="item" href="{{ }}" target="_blank" ng-repeat="feed in feedlist">
	<h2 class="feed-title">{{feed.title}}</h2>

Please help!!!

Have you added whitelist plugins and added URL in content policy ?

like this?


and this?

"cordovaPlugins": [ "cordova-plugin-whitelist", "cordova-plugin-console",

read these two articles

and you have a hard javascript error because you are not checking if your in mobile context and cordova is there --> “can not read Keyboard of undefined”. In many cases your app can be get broken (no javascript gets executed after that…) and so on.

after adding the CSP to be like this …
What is wrong?

yes it was my fault, I changed cordova plugin keyboard, but it has been my fix