Fading header effect example not working

I’m in the process of converting my mobile application from a pure AngularJS to Ionic. It’s been great so far, a few bumps along the way, but that’s to be expected.

I wanted to implement the fading status bar to my application following the instructions http://ionicframework.com/tutorials/fade-status-bar/, but I couldn’t ever get it to work.

After digging into the code for a while, I finally discovered that in the ionSideMenus directive (ionic.js or ionic.bundle.js) there wasn’t a reference to the sideMenuController. Without the reference, obviously, the watch will not work.

Everything started working, once I added the following line to the directive:

$scope.sideMenuController = this;

So, now to my question, sorry for taking so long: is this the correct way to watch the side menu open ratio, or is there now a preferred method for trapping the change?

I didn’t want to add something back into the base library, if it was intentionally removed.



could you please post the correct code of directive? With the new beta version of ionic the fade bar does not work.