Facing problem in sending Push Notification for web platform in ionic

I am working ionic based Application for Web , ios , Android platform** detail of my problem explained below

explanation -:

  1. Problem : Push notification pf my ionic application is not working for web platform for ios and android it is working .
  2. I am working on ionic App where I m trying to send push notification with PUSH plugin (https://ionicframework.com/docs/native/push/) using firebase for Web Platform , But it didn’t happen
    so I raised a ticket on Stackoverflow , but I didnt get any sollution here is the link -> Ionic phonegap-plugin-push is not working for web
  3. I also tried to send push notification with hockeyapp https://hockeyapp.net/ , but with hockeyapp we can only send push notification for app not for web platform
  4. what are the way to send push notification for web platform for an ionic application.

May I know have you found out the solution for web push?. Native push need to work with cordova, which means cannot work in web. I have been in this issue for three weeks… Really cannot find a solution

You can try to apply this one. It works for me.