Facebook/Twitter like Feed


I am using ionic Card Showcase. Does anyone know where I can learn how to create facebook/twitter like feed?


Uses Jquery but should get you in the right direction. Plus it supports a lot of networks. Let me know if it works out


I decided to use Firebase Firefeed, https://github.com/firebase/firefeed. But I can’t get it working. Does anyone has an working example? I am sure someone got this working. Thanks.


I made an AngularJS wrapper library for the Twitter REST Api called ngTwitter.

You just need to have your Twitter App data and a valid OAuth token, then you can configure the library like this:

$twitterApi.configure(clientId, clientSecret, oauthToken);

Afterwards you can grab your user_timeline like this:

$twitterApi.getHomeTimeline({count: 5})

For more information check out the according tutorial How To Easily Use The Twitter REST Api With AngularJS