Facebook login

Hello I have this code:

lock = new Auth0Lock(Auth0Vars.AUTH0_CLIENT_ID, Auth0Vars.AUTH0_DOMAIN, {
        auth: {
            redirect: true,
            redirectUrl: Auth0Vars.AUTH0_CALLBACK_URL,
            responseType: 'token',
            language: 'es',
            params: {
                scope: 'openid email offline_access user_metadata app_metadata picture',
                device: 'Device name',
            sso: false

and we I try to login to Facebook ( email works ) I can see that login was successful

But my screen ( mobile and using ionic run browser ) looks like that:

and it freezes … so I can not continue. With the normal “ionic serve” everything works perfect.

Some Ideas ?

Which version of auth0 and lock are you using?
I’m working through some issues like this at the moment, and I’m seeing different problems with different versions.

Can’t quite remember which version I was using when I saw this issue, but a quick version change may solve.