Facebook Connect Plugin can't log out on iOS


I’m using phonegap-facebook-plugin with Ionic. Log-in the share dialog are working wonderfully.

But I can not log out entirely and switch users on iOS.
Anytime I log out and then log in, the previous account is still authorized, which is a severe privacy leak.
I want to have clean log-in which requires user account and password every time. For now I have to clean up Safari to make it correct.

It seems to be a unresolved bug of the plugin:

Does anyone have a possible solution for this?

Any help is very appreciated.

Just found that

  1. use facebookConnectPlugin.login()
  2. use facebookConnectPlugin.logout()
  3. use facebookConnectPlugin.showDialog() with method: “feed”

The dialog acts correctly. It requires the user to input account and password.

So if I can fire a log-out dialog, this would be a feasible walkaround.
However using method “auth.logout” in showDialog() does not give me log-out dialog.
Anyone knows how to do this?