Facebook comment: is it possible?


Hi all, I have searched on internet but I have found only old reply so: i need to use fb “fb-comments” plugin widget into my app. Is this possible ? Or an alternative way to permit to my app user to comment and register it into fb ? Thanks.


Does the thing you want your users to comment on exist as a link outside of your app? Facebook comments requires an open graph object, which is something that can be accessed by Facebook externally on the internet.


I have this page (for example) : http://www.bastardidentro.it/immagini-e-vignette-divertenti/cosa-vogliono-vedere-le-ragazze-questa-estate-495562

Now I’m developing the bastardidentro’s app where users can see images via this app. I want to permit to app’s users to comment the image and that this comment appear in that link too, because is a FB comment.

Or: is it possibile to send to FB a comment via PHP ? I could create a REST API called by my app that send the comment to FB.




You’ll need to get the open graph id of the post and pass that to the open graph api with a comment.


So, in my REST server I need to call FB to get opengraph id, next send comment with opengraph. Can you say me where I can see API document about this ?




I think that my app users need to be logged into facebook before commit comment. Correct ?
But my app does not need any type of login and I don’t want to do a login for a comment. hmmmm



Yes, you need Facebook login.


@delta98, tell me u have done with this?

Publishing a comment never wont be gonna to work with using API, because unfortunately, facebook don’t allows you to do that!! Also u can get all comments by post id or anything (only read).

  "error": {
    "message": "(#100) Comments may not be added to a comment plugin",
    "type": "OAuthException",
    "code": 100