Facebook authentification in the browser (localhost) and in ionic view


I am trying to test my ionic 2 app, the facebook authentification feature using ionic-view and the browser, it does not work in both…

In the browser, I get : cordova_not_available
so, I added : localhost in facebook setup but it’s not working…

Also, when I tried in ionic-view app, it’s not working either…

Someone faced this issues ?
Thank you!

  1. In the browser Cordova plugins are not available, that’s why it says “cordova_not_available”.
  2. In Ionic View the Cordova plugin you are using is probably not available, but as you didn’t say which one you are using it’s kind of hard to guess: https://docs.ionic.io/tools/view/#supported-plugins

Thanks for answering!

  1. ok
  2. indeed the facebook plugin is not working in ionic view…

Thanks again!