Extra height at the bottom after onFocus on Textbox

The app in which I am working on contains a list of input types including textbox and textarea.

Now the problem is when I click on a text box or textarea to provide an input Android’s softKeyBoard pops up, after I provide some input and close the key board there is an empty space at the bottom of the view (What I feel is that its taking up the key board space). Because of this I cannot completely scroll back up to the first view, it gets stuck in the middle.

When I touch on the empty space at the bottom, the view adjusts itself completely (It will look as the way it would had rendered for the first time) or some times it will not adjust and some space is left at the bottom because of which scrolling is affected.

I will provide some screen shots of the issue as I am not finding that problem on the Emulator (Ripple - Visual Studio).

While textarea on focus with Key board open

After Keyboard is closed with white space

Kindly help me out as what I might be doing wrong.