Extending radio buttons to have icons when unchecked


Hi everyone,

my project required custom icons on both checked and unchecked radio
buttons, ionic seemed to only support icons on checked radio buttons, so
i copied the radio button directive into another directive and changed
it so that it would allow for both checked-icon and unchecked-icon
attributes, it’s working great on my project, so i wanted to contribute
it into ionic.

i have never contributed anything to an open source project before, much less to a big one like ionic, so the idea is a bit intimidating, i’m posting this here and i made an issue on github ( https://github.com/driftyco/ionic/issues/4329 ) hoping to get some peer review of what i’m proposing before going ahead and try to make a pull request.

Here is a ionic playground test of the custom directive i made as a candidate to replace the current ion-radio directive.