Extending $ionicPopup with an id attribute

I’m using Ionic 1.1, and my application uses confirmation popups. For test automation purposes (I’m using Appium), I’d like to add an id attribute to the confirmation and cancel buttons. I’d prefer to use an id attribute to keep things consistent and clean in my tests. i’ve already tried setting an id attribute in each button, but that doesn’t seem to generate an id attribute on the popup buttons. I’m a bit of a noob to ionic and AngularJS so I need some guidance. In my controller i’ve defined the following function to trigger the pop-up;

    $scope.setPublished = function (item) {
        $scope.popover && $scope.popover.hide();
        var confirmPopup = $ionicPopup.confirm({
            title: 'Publish',
            template: 'Are you sure you want to publish?',
            buttons: [
                    // adding id here doesn't seem to add an id to the generate an id tag
                    // id: 'publishConfirmationButton',
                    text: 'Publish',
                    type: 'button-balanced',
                    onTap: function (e) {
                        return 'publish';
                    // id: 'cancelConfirmationButton',
                    text: 'Cancel'

Any updates on this? Seems to me this is a nice addition to the $ionicPopup.