Exporting Package and Editing in Local PC


Hello Everyone!

I would like to ask with regards to loading the exported package from Ionic Creator to my local machine. I already installed nodejs, cordova and ionic. Now, I do the following:

  1. I downloaded the package from Ionic Creator.

  2. I created a new blank app using the following command: ionic start myApp blank --v1

  3. I deleted all the contents inside the www folder in my app.

  4. I pasted all the contents in the zip downloaded file in www and moved the SCSS folder beside the www folder.

  5. I run the following command: npm install and got the following warnings (in highlighted texts):

  6. I disregard the error and updated my package.json and added "gulpStartupTasks": ["sass", "watch"]

  7. Now, I tried to run the project using ionic serve and when the browser came up, the pages loaded in it is in src folder and not www.

I tried updating the app.component.ts and app.module.ts and got module errors. Because when I looked up the tutorial in ionicframework specifically in this page http://docs.usecreator.com/docs/zip-export-an-ionic-project but I noticed that in the tutorial the project was created without the src folder. I was trying to figure out maybe the ionic version matters because I am using the latest version. If so, do I need to downgrade the version to V1.x or something to make the app run in my local machine?


Yes, you have to create a Ionic v1 project as Creator only creates v1 code. Something went wrong when you created the project, as seen in ionic info where it says that you have a project with ionic-angular 3.2.0. That way you also would only have /www I think.

Are you sure you executed the above command?
Maybe just try ionic start --v1 and then use the wizard to give it a name and template…


I already tried creating project using ionic start AppName --v1 but its creating files differently from the documentations. It has a src folder where it contains the pages.


Sorry, with Ionic CLI v2 the syntax of that command changed:

$ ionic start myNewProject blank --type ionic1



Does the CLI supports like ionic start AppName creator:e4af3d


I don’T know.

If Ionic CLI v3 doesn’t, you can still install the last stable version of Ionic CLI v2: 2.2.3 and use this.