Exporting form input to pdf file in ionic2

Hi!! there, I was keen to know about how to how to export the user input in forms to pdf file.
Actually I have a couple of forms to be filled and I want that data to be converted to pdf file and send it to thru rest api.
Any ideas and solutions are welcome.

Here is one for starter…incorporate the ionic native printer into your app, and use pdf printing as a means to get your pdf file.

Then convert your pdf file to base64 and sent it thru rest API

Thanks you for your answer @jchoh0522. Is there any tutorial from where I can get some help.
Or can you help me on that if I post the code here??

Well, code wise, i can’t help u much… I have done similar thing in the past and it took me 2 week of wall banging, google searching, and cursing to pull it off…

Link above should give u the start on how it works. Do rmb that that function only works with HTML, so u have to convert your data into a html format (a helpful way is to put the format of your printing into the html format, and set it to hidden so that the user can’t see it, and yet you can retrieve that particular component to print it)

Ok bud… Let me see what I can do… And thanks a lot for sharing this. :sunglasses: