Explicit App ID - what about?


Hello, i have developed an app with Ionic Creator.

In my Apple Developper Account, when i register my first App ID:

Explicit App ID: ???

I dont know how to fill it…

thank you


This is your unique app id. Typically following the pattern com.companyname.appname

You can generate a wildcard version for development, in the format com.companyname.* But you can not use that for signing for release to the Apple App Store


thank you Chris

so this name is only “imaginary” ? if it is com.companyname.appname or com.companyname.appABC is indifferent? becouse i have a companyname.com domain but i have not a subdomain…

(i need to create it?)


This does not map to an internet address, so don’t worry about that. app ids usually follow a reverse domain pattern. So set your id to com.companyname.appname and you are fine


thank you a lot Chris :slight_smile: