Explanations of IU Router


Hello to all guys, I state that I am new to the forum so I do not know if I am writing in the right section. I’m starting to develop an application and I wanted to use UI Router for navigation application. I tried a lot on the internet but I still have many doubts. I do not understand the basic reasoning behind the UI Router. If possible can you explain it to me? maybe with some examples, Thank you all for the answers.

PS: Sorry for my english but I am Italian


So the best way to learn about UI-router is to learn from the people behind it.

Think of those old Russian Matryoshka dolls

In a since of nesting a state inside another state…inside another state…etc


I actually cant’ find really good doc for ui-router myself, even after looking at the their github page. For example, I can’t find what the ‘abstract’ means in the doc.

but ui-sref is the most useful directive. and also try to understand 2 concepts: nested view and sibling view. I think this helps me to understand it


Abstract means that it is an navigable state.
So lets look at the tabs example.

The actual state that contains the markup for the tabs is abstract. You can’t actually navigate to it, but you can navigate to its child states.


thanks for the explanation. I roughly guessed the meaning when I looked the example you gave (I actually learned a lot from it when I firstly viewed that example a while ago. It has both the nested and sibling views/state which is the core of angular ui-router.)

But still, i didn’t see any documentation about the ‘abstract’ keyword in ui-router.


Found it here.