Explanation about menu

Hey there,

I need an explanation of how to implement the left menu in Ionic2.
I would like to add a menu just on few pages but not on all of them.

I’ve my first 5 pages working without menu (what I want) and for the next ones I’d like to show the left menu, but with the docs, stackoverflow or this forum, it is not clear for me.

Is someone could help me or guide me to implement it please ?

Thanks by advance,

you have the possibility to have multiple menus - also for the same side.

you can use http://ionicframework.com/docs/v2/api/components/menu/MenuController/ to enable or disable menus and since you do not add the menuToggle-component in your navbar the user is not able to open a disabled menu :wink:


Thanks for your help, my problem, actually, is I don’t reach to implement it or where to implement it.
I tried to set it in my app.ts (according to the link) but I’ve some errors “app.js:29Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘backButton’ of undefined” for example.