Exit Code 70 (Ineligible Destinations)

So I have been trying to build this for the past few hours with no luck, and here is the error I am getting:

[cordova]    Ineligible destinations for the "MyApp" scheme:
[cordova] 		{ platform:iOS, id:dvtdevice-DVTiPhonePlaceholder-iphoneos:placeholder, name:Generic iOS Device }
[cordova] 		{ platform:iOS Simulator, id:dvtdevice-DVTiOSDeviceSimulatorPlaceholder-iphonesimulator:placeholder, name:Generic iOS Simulator Device }
[cordova] xcodebuild: Command failed with exit code 70
[ERROR] An error occurred while running subprocess cordova.

So what exactly does this mean? My simulator is messed up?
I have tried removing and adding ios a few times, I have even re-initialized the project and made sure not to mess with the config.xml in case that would mess things up.
Any ideas?

I’m not 100% here, as I’m mainly a Android user, and leave building to iOS devices to others unless I absolutely have to.

However, I have seen this before and think you may just need to figure out which iOS version matches with (aka is supported by) your Xcode version. For instance, if you are on iOS 12.2 you require Xcode 10.2.1 via here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xcode#10.x_series .

If that doesn’t work, I believe there are other possibilities (like cleaning out the cached devices or something) but you would need to Google them. The above should be at least a debugging starting point.

Do you have any emulators installed? The Generic IOS device can only be used when preparing an archive for distribution.

I ended up circumventing the issue by bailing on xCode and moving over to the Ionic DevApp. Seems to be working fine.

However, before I did, I tried just about every trick in the book and couldn’t get it working. I highly recommend the DevApp for anyone looking to troubleshoot this issue.

But yes I tried removing and reinstalling ios through cordova multiple times.
I tried every build command I could think of, and ready dozens of posts and articles on the subject. I tried using this crazy command i found on an earlier forum:

ionic cordova run ios -- --buildFlag="-UseModernBuildSystem=0"

That didn’t work.
For context, I spent four full workdays trying to figure this out.
I tried re-initializing my entire project multiple times to get it running… to no avail.
I tried reinstalling Xcode, reading docs on migrating it over to Xcode permanently… nothing.
Just seems to me that having a working live-reload for developing is the most basic need. Everything else is kind of secondary to that.
I understand Xcode and apple don’t always play fair, and thats why i recommend the DevApp… because Apple is just waisting my time, and I don’t get paid enough for that.