Existing React Web Apps to Desktop

Based on what I’ve read, it looks like Ionic is not intended to take existing React web apps and re-target them to be a desktop (and offline) application.

To say another way, it appears that an app must be developed using Ionic UI components in order support multiple platform targets. Thus we would have to re-write our apps to take advantage of the Ionic framework.

Can someone just confirm my assessment?

Any links I might have missed are welcomed.

Mmm, not really.

So if you just want to target multiple platforms, you could just use capacitor directly.

Capacitor is more “bring your own UI, and we’ll help get to the platforms”

If you wanted to use Ionic’s UI components, you could as well.

Thanks, I’ll check into capacitor… still trying to get an overall feel for how Ionic wants to work.

If that’s the case, you could just add ionic into a react project and mix them.

Since ionic is just using standard react components, there’s nothing saying you couldn’t mix UI libs. This would at least get you part way with things.