Executing 'ionic cordova run -l' from behind a coffeehouse firewall

I’d really like to be able to do ionic cordova run --livereload from Starbucks.
But they have a firewall that blocks most ports so I can’t connect my phone to the livereload server.
To my knowledge the best way to do this is through SSH tunneling.
That involves a working knowledge of setting up a server.
Enabling it to act as an SSH tunnel.
And then configuring ionic cordova run to work through that tunnel.

I understand the what, but not the how.
I really don’t know anything about SysAdmin stuff, security, or networking.
I’d rather not have to get a Network+ certification just to see if a couple plugins are working right.

Can anyone help me find a super simple - like zero knowledge level way to do this?
Or is there a simpler solution I’m overlooking?

Interesting problem, I have no idea how to solve.

You might want to create an issue for the CLI for this usecase: https://github.com/ionic-team/ionic-cli/issues

I’m almost positive this will work :smiley: :


I’m not at Starbucks right now so I can’t test whether it works with their firewall.
But it does work and is super easy to set up. No server required.