Executing Ionic app with Edge browser


Does someboby tried to run an Ionic 2 app with Microsoft Edge browser?

I know, it is over killed :wink: and Chrome does a good job, but I wanted to emulate my code with Windows Phone and can’t find anything on Chrome. In fact, even Google recommend it here.

Right now, as a result, I have a blank page. When looking on the console I see this:

TypeError: Object doesn’t support property or method ‘openDatabase’

Maybe related to SQlite call? But Chrome is using WebSQL instead to bypass that issue, I would thought Edge would do the same

If you have some advice for me to see the Windows phone emulator, please share with me.


If you just want to see what it looks like on windows phone in a browser why don’t you just use ?ionicplatform=windows in Chrome.

If you actually want to see it in an emulator just get a windows phone emulator and deploy to it.

Hi @rlouie,

would you mind to show me how the URL looks like?

I tried:


The first 2 gives me the ios look and the windows one failed to generate good css.

Also, under “theme” directory, do you have the “windows” one? I don’t and I am using Beta 3.

Well, if you haven’t added the windows platform you need to, just like adding android. Do

ionic platform add windows

in the command line/terminal then go to http://localhost:8100/?ionicplatform=windows

That should do it.

But do you have in your “theme” directory app.windows.scss or something?

app.wp.scss yes (wp for windows phone). Regardless of that it either works or it doesn’t. I don’t have app.android.scss under my themes folder but but android styles work just fine. Does adding the platform and doing ionicplatform=windows not fix it??

the ionicplatform is not recognized

?ionicplatform=wp:64 Uncaught ReferenceError: ionic is not defined(anonymous function) @ ?ionicplatform=ios:64
undefined:1 Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: object is not a constructor(…)

probably another name

Ya, those errors appear in the console all the time actually, I remember seeing an issue opened for that, but it should still actually render to the browser. Are you not seeing windows phone styles?

Here’s what happens if I specify ios:

Here’s what happens if I specify windows:

It all works, even though if you notice in my console there I have an error. Are you saying you are not able to see this same thing?

it is like the css does not exist, so regular text and button

I will download the tutorial and see what I am missing.

thanks for the help!

Ya try a fresh install or something? It seems like you might have an environment issue. Good luck :four_leaf_clover:

Now working. I needed to do lots of things to go to gulp instead of webpack, but now I can change to any platform.



I got rid of this error by changing the url in chrome from ionicplatform to ionicPlatform. Note the capital letter.

[quote]undefined:1 Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: object is not a constructor(…)

This error I fixed by updating angular and ionic


How the ion-segment looked on your interface?

I can’t see any difference between my “A-Z” and “Z-A”. It accepts the click, but does not update.


Is it because it is not supported in Windows?