executeSql doesn't work



I tried to select items in my database but my code do nothings, and my alerts are not triggers :

	// Récupére les représentations photo d'un symbole
	private getRepresentationsPhotoOfSymbole(idSymbole){
        return new Promise( (resolve, reject) => {
        	this.db.executeSql('select * from representationPhoto where idSymbole='+idSymbole+'',null).then( data => {
                alert("THIS ALERT DOESN'T TRIGGER");
        		// On convertie le resultat en array
        		var representationPhotoArray= [];
                if(data.rows.length > 0){
                    for(var i = 0; i< data.rows.length; i++){
                	console.log("attention data.rows.length = 0 ");
                // On retourne cette array contenant les reprensentations photo
				.catch(err =>{
                    alert("THIS ALERT DOESN'T TRIGGER EITHER");

I don’t know why the “then” and the “catch” both doesn’t work, can you help me please ?

EDIT : It’s work perfectly on virtual devise with android studio, but no with a real phone (samsung A5)