Exceptions when navigating from dynamic to static route

Hello everyone,

I created a demo repository to demonstrate the issue.

This app has basically two routes/views:

  • /home → Contains a button “start” that navigates to /step/step1 upon click.
  • /step/{id} → Is a view that is rendered based on the url parameter :id. It contains three buttons:
    • Home → Go back to /home
    • Back → Navigate back in the browser history
    • Forward → Go to the next step, e.g. /step/step2

Starting at /home and navigating just in forward directions by clicking “start” and then the “next” buttons works fine. However:

  • No animations when navigating from one dynamically rendered view to another, e.g. /step/step1 to /step/step2. They appear only when navigating to/from /home.
  • Navigating back from any of the dynamic views (/step/stepX) to the static home view (/home) seems to work, but creates a lot of exceptions. It appears to me that even though we succesfully navigate back to the /home route the “Step” component where we are coming from is tried to be rendered, which obviously fails.

I would highly appreciate your help, thank you!

Hey there, I replied to your GitHub issue about this which explains why this error is happening: bug: ionic-vue, exceptions when navigating from dynamic to static route · Issue #23369 · ionic-team/ionic-framework · GitHub