EXCEPTION: This view has already been destroyed!

So…I’m now receiving this error in my app whenever I leave my home page and go back to it. Either in the nav stack or set it to root via sidemenu.

EXCEPTION: This view has already been destroyed!

I think it might related to a caching issues…so I set out to find a method to cache my HOME view.


The ViewController has a shouldCache() method…but I’m insure of how to implement this in my app.

Any suggestions?


Nevermind, Mike just informed me this is being fixed in the next Alpha release. Please disregard this post.

I just fixed this by patching the angular file:


and commenting these around row 78

        //if (this._rethrowException)
        //    throw exception;

Is there a better workaround?
Should I expect a fix from Angular or Ionic?


Can you add to the issue here, please: