Everything-transparent sass help

Hi, i’m trying to find a easy way to costumize css
like http://ionic-theme-editor.herokuapp.com/
but i just didn’t found…

can anyone costumize a new class with sass for me like in this video

and just upload the css result

so i could build something like this

but even with the main nav-bar transparent and everything that is possible transparent

and something like this:

that works cross platform not only ios

i don’t know if mt english is understandable, sorry about this, it’s my foreign language
andi don’t know if i’m just asking too much, in the video looks like for how already have sass and know it is really easy, and also would be a really nice addition to the themes
sorry for the long post and thanks for the attention
and please do this for me ;]

Instead of having a transparent nav bar, from the photos it appears like you just want to hide the nav bar completely?

thanks for the fast reply, and the answer is kind no.

the second photo with 3 ios 7 apps, have everything transparent, lists and etc…
the first have a visible navbar, i want make something like both, but in the first photo make the nav transparent and only show “Chicago, IL, the tree icons…” no blackBG

the preset theme-class like energized calm positive, and etc… have their own specific color for almost all situations, i want a css with one extra theme-class like this, but instead of a new set of colors i want everything transparent, like the lists, the nav-bar, everything that is possible, with no bg like the second photo

and working on multiple devices not only ios

i want to know if this is asking too much or this is easy with sass,

What is the reason you want to make the bg transparent. Do you want it to be transparent so you can use an image behind your lists nav-bar etc?

yes, something like a gradient, i just installed sas ruby and etc… but i still playing with ionic itself testing jquery mix and another frameworks, but i will stick with ionic only, then i guess would be good some things like this, i stil didn’t get how to make a img bg on things like list or thumb, there is some good examples i guess i just need some pratice with sass, but this new class would make my life easier for pages that look like this ios 7 photos

i don’t know why, but most of my css is ignored even with !important or !default on it

I’m a little lost on what exactly you want to do.

But in regards to img bg on things like list you could do something as simple as this
.list {
background: transparent;

// ion-item class
.my-ion-item-class {
background: url(‘img/…etc’);

Now sometimes classes and styles don't stick due to the nature of css specificity, where your class is not winning out in specificity when ionic might use something like `.foo.foo .foo` compared to your class which is just `.foo`. Make sure to inspect the element in the dev tools and see what chain of classes is controlling the styles for that certain element.

Another example