Events ion-picker

Hello everyone,

i’m trying to display a message before opening the picker using the event ionPickerWillPresent.
But i don’t know how to use it properly.

Can you help me pls ?

This is how i create the picker

    let options: PickerOptions = {
      buttons: [
          text: "Annuler",
          role: 'cancel'
          text: 'Ok',
          handler: (value: any) => {

      columns: [{
        name: 'Minutes',
        options: this.getColumnOptions()
    let picker = await this.pickerController.create(options);

I don’t know if it still works for you. But for someone else it would be like that. add this before the picker.present();

picker.addEventListener(“ionPickerWillPresent”, async (event: any) => {
//your code here