Event I can listen to for App update


I would like to execute a process within the application whenever the app updates. I’ve been unable to find any events that seem to provide this capability.

Any ideas?


Do you mean first start after the version of the app was updated via the App / Play Store?


Yup that is exactly what I mean!


Then it’s quite “simple”:
After start check if the current app version is present in some data store (e.g. using Ionic Storage). If not, it has to be the first start. Do what you want to do, then add the version number to that data store. (Note that you should probably also include some logic that only one of these can run after first install etc)


Thanks! This was my planned fallback method, I was just hoping there would be some kind of capability built into Ionic or a native plugins but I suppose this is simple enough.


Maybe there is - let’s wait if someone else answers :wink: