Errors transpiling with cordova-plugin-file-transfer

I want to use the cordova file transfer plugin (through the Ionic-Native transfer module).

The app won’t run because there is a transpile error with the file transfer plugin and the file plugin:

transpile started ... 
typescript: plugins/cordova-plugin-file-transfer/types/index.d.ts, line: 9 
Cannot find type definition file for 'cordova-plugin-file'. 

L8:  * @param server            URL of the server to receive the file, as encoded by encodeURI().
L9:  * @param successCallback   A callback that is passed a FileUploadResult object.
L10: * @param errorCallback     A callback that executes if an error occurs retrieving the FileUploadResult.

I installed @types/cordova-plugin-file through npm, but the app won’t run because of duplicate identifiers in the two cordova-plugin-file packages:

transpile started ... 
typescript: node_modules/@types/cordova-plugin-file/index.d.ts, line: 376 
Duplicate identifier 'PERSISTENT'. 

typescript: node_modules/@types/cordova-plugin-file/index.d.ts, line: 377 
Duplicate identifier 'TEMPORARY'. 

typescript: plugins/cordova-plugin-file/types/index.d.ts, line: 376 
Duplicate identifier 'PERSISTENT'.     

typescript: plugins/cordova-plugin-file/types/index.d.ts, line: 377 
Duplicate identifier 'TEMPORARY'.

What is the right approach here?

I submitted a bug report to apache.

did you find a solution for this?

Is there any work around for this?

Uninstalling @types/cordova-plugin-file would seem the obvious first thing to try.

Yes, @types/cordova-plugin-file was causing problems rather than helping.

The requirements for my project have changed and I no longer need the
plugin and don’t plan to spend more time figuring this out at this point.
But I saw that some people have been able to fix the issue by reinstalling
not just the plugin but the platform or even the whole project.