Error while running 'ionic run android'

I have a native android application which is currently available in Play store. Now i have developed same application with new features in Ionic 3. For testing purpose, i have debug version of native app installed in my device. Now when i run ionic run android command, it gives me error as below.


Below is my config for both app.

Native App

package-name : com.myapp
version : 1.7
versionCode : 7

Ionic App

package-name : com.myapp
version : 2.0
versionCode : 8

Because i want to update same application, i have put package-name same for both application.

Note: I have debug version of native app installed in device, so it’s not the case like i’m trying to update release version of native app with debug version of ionic app.

Another question is, can i access native application database in ionic application? If yes, then how?

The reason of the error message is that Android somehow thinks you are installing an Update that is incompatible because one of many reasons (wrong key to sign, other mismatch, etc). You should probably just deinstall everything to be able to install this new Ionic App. If you don’t want or can’t do that, just change the package name of your new Ionic app for testing.

New topic, so better create a new topic in the forum here. You don’t want to mix two unrelated discussions.

Thanks for reply.
As you are saying to change my package name, will it allow me to access database of native application?
Because i want to copy data from native app database to ionic app database.

No, I say that changing the package name will enable you to run the app. This was your question in this topic, see the title you created.

For the other problem, accessing the database of a native app, please create a new topic where you ask this question, maybe someone will be able to answer thath.

Hi all,

since today i have the same error on all new project i create !
Everything was working well and suddenly, ionic run throw that error !!
I have tried to create multiple blank new projects and just execute : ionic cordova run android and i always get that error !

Failure [INSTALL_FAILED_UPDATE_INCOMPATIBLE: Package io.ionic.starter signatures do not match the previously installed version; ignoring!]

An idea ?


same problem here. Any solution please??

I can’t run on device applications.