Error when trying to call cordova plugin method


I’m trying to use this plugin via ionic-native:

import {GooglePlus} from 'ionic-native';
          'scopes': '... ', // optional, space-separated list of scopes, If not included or empty, defaults to `profile` and `email`.
          'webClientId': 'client id of the web app/server side', // optional clientId of your Web application from Credentials settings of your project - On Android, this MUST be included to get an idToken. On iOS, it is not required.
          'offline': true, // optional, but requires the webClientId - if set to true the plugin will also return a serverAuthCode, which can be used to grant offline access to a non-Google server
        function (obj) {
          alert(JSON.stringify(obj)); // do something useful instead of alerting
        function (msg) {
          alert('error: ' + msg);

I get an error: Supplied parameters do not match any signature of call target.

Am I missing something?

I am facing the same issue here. Did you find any solution?