Error when swiping back on list item V2

Hi, the problem im having is that when navigating from a list into an item detail, when swiping back, it:

  • swipes back with animation, to the list page
  • also tries to open the sidemenu
    both at the same time!!!

How can i disable swiping back in a specific page?
Or better, how can i disable to not open the sidemenu when the back button is present?


Hi Damian,

We were able to disable swiping back on a specific page by putting the following line of code in the constructor of the page we want to disable this feature on:

this.nav.swipeBackEnabled = false;

I hope this helps!


Thanks for your help!!

@maowse, i have tried your line of code but still having the same issue…
The problem is that both the back swipe and the sidemenu are being “swiped”.
Have another on how to fix this?
Thanks again!

Put side menu on right for iOS