Error when I try to obtain JSON from external URL

Hello ionics,
I have a problem when I try access to external URL. I received this alert in console:

Resource interpreted as Script but transferred with MIME type text/html

My external URL return this JSON:

[{“titulo”:“Encontrar trabajo después de los 43”,“id”:“0”},{“titulo”:“ultima noticia buena”,“id”:1},{“titulo”:“prueba”,“id”:2},{“titulo”:“COn foto”,“id”:3},{“titulo”:“prueba para actualizar yeah”,“id”:4},{“titulo”:“noticia modificable yeah”,“id”:5},{“titulo”:“edicion 01234”,“id”:6},{“titulo”:“YO”,“id”:7},{“titulo”:“prueba noticia”,“id”:8},{“titulo”:"&¿PU’BLICA?& |·\/()ñ:ç¬=*¨_-ºª€`´^´{[œ",“id”:9}]

This error occurs when I use $http.jsonp for do my petition for URL. Surprisingly when I use $http.get, in console I can see the home page from my URL in html format. I’m not understand… because my URL is a JSON.

Anyone help me please?

Thanks in advance!