Error when i start new project - Unable to save ionic data

Hi guys,
My OS is Windows 10 Pro and i try install ionic, but i receive many errors:
I installed git and node as administrator.
I already configured the Ant, ANDROID_HOME, JAVA_HOME and put all in PATH variables.
I follow the tutorial:

So, i open git bash as administrator and i run the commands:
1 - npm install -g ionic
2 - npm install -g cordova

When i execute the command: ionic start todo blank i receive this error:

Unable to save ionic data: C:\Users\Lucas.ionic\ionic.config Error: EPERM: operation not permitted, open 'C:\Users\Lucas.ionic\ionic.config’

If i execute this command inside the folder: ionic serve -l works normally

But if i execute: ionic platform add android i receive this error:

The android is configured correctly:

Someone can help me?

Looks like a permission issue. please verify that user doing the operation has the read /write access to the specified folder.

My account has all privilegies of administrator.
I print screen the properties of folder, .ionic, and file ionic.config