Error: using ionic Command task for version 6.6.0 fails on Azure DevOps pipeline


I am trying to build my ionic app using MS Azure DevOps pipelines. The task fails when using Ionic version 6.6.0 but works fine when version 5.4.14 is used.

Seems like the task fails when the installation command is issued in the host machine (Mac).



#Ionic Commands

– task: IonicCommand@1


ionicCommand: ‘build’

ionicVersion: ‘6.6.0’

cordovaVersion: ‘8.1.2’

Error log on Job:

Cordova Module Path: /Users/runner/.taco_home/node_modules/cordova/8.1.2/node_modules/cordova Module cache at /Users/runner/.taco_home/node_modules Installing ionic@6.6.0 to /Users/runner/.taco_home/node_modules/ionic/6.6.0. (This may take a few minutes.) Command failed: npm install --force ionic@6.6.0 2>&1

I think the command syntax is wrong. It should be :

npm install --force @ionic/cli@6.6.0
and NOT

npm install --force ionic@6.6.0

From What I have seen, Ionic has changed package naming in the latest version:


Appreciate a fix.

However, there is a workaround for this, which is to use the plain old CmdLine task, combined with a custom NPM task. i.e: NPM task to install ionic cli with correct command syntax and CmdLine task to build using the ionic build.