Error to add android platform


plz help.

Please check your network connection and try again it once.

network is connected but still error.

Otherwise you can try uninstalling and installing node modules after that clear the cache then add the platform again

and when I uninstall module,I find another error

About the connection errors, you can be under some proxy!

Try this: set PROXY=http://your_ip:8080

or this:
npm config set proxy http://your_ip:8080

npm config set https-proxy http://your_ip:8080

before running the Android installation!

which’s module? android platform?

i can’t uninstall module cause this UserAgent

Try to run your command prompt as administrative mode.

it doesn’t work.

Try to remove android platform and the readd platform and give command for run android
step-1 : ionic cordova platform rm android
step-2 :ionic cordova platform add android
step-3: ionic cordova run android

make sure you have good internet.