Error running cordva prepare


Hey guys,

Not directly related to Ionicframework but I randomly started to recieve errors in my shell yesterday which is preventing me from running my application from xcode.

$ cordova prepare ios

When running the above, im getting the following error.

end tag name: string is not match the current start tagName:undefined 

Has anybody else had similar issues lately? I then upgrade my Cordova to the latest build, and the issue is still there.

I dont think it would so bad if it was telling me where or what file the error is actually created :smile:

When I run ionic run ios I do receive BUILD SUCCEEDED, but this is not true as my config was never built in the ios platform directory, and files have not been copied over from the www.



Hmm, have you tried removing cordova and reinstalling it?


I started a new project installed all my dependencies and copied over the www directory and everything seems to be OK again now.