Error: Package with specified parameters not found in AppPackages folder

I have this error when i run on my PC:
ionic run windows --release --arch=x64 // Or --arch=x86

Nevertheless, the package is well built in:


The deployment works well with the .ps1

It is strange because it works well on my other laptop with same versions (node, npm, ionic, cordova) except the fact that my laptop didn’t received the win10 anniversary update…

Maybe a config to do ?

npm install -g cordova

@xr0master: I already tried this.
In fact, i already did all of this:

  • npm install -g ionic@beta (2.0.0-beta.36)
  • npm install -g cordova (6.3.0)
  • remove platforms folder and ionic platform add windows
  • Remove node_modules folder and npm install
  • Uninstall/reinstall nodeJS (v6.3.1)
  • Update visual studio 2015 and sdk tools

Try npm rebuild it can fix some issues

@xr0master: I just tried npm rebuild, i have always the error…
Can we configure AppPackage path in SDK Tools, NodeJs or NPM ?