Error on app deploying on emulator Nexus_6P #11245

Hello Sir. This Answer i am getting as response from Facebook team. Sir i have run the app on live devices it all running and even on GenyMotion too but the issue is that its not running on their device. I have searched for this issue on internet too
I have found this answer …

They have asked for the architecture issue its not app issue but can u sir plzz tell me what to do that my app runs on their device too …

Waiting for your answer Sir thanks Regards Waleed

What external libraries are you using in your app? Cordova plugins?

My cordova version is 6.5.0
npm 4.1.2

id: 3 or "Google Inc.:Google APIs:23"
Name: Google APIs
Type: Add-On
Vendor: Google Inc.
Revision: 1
Description: Android + Google APIs
Based on Android 6.0 (API level 23)
* (usb.jar)
API for USB Accessories
* (effects.jar)
Collection of video effects
* (maps.jar)
API for Google Maps
Skins: HVGA, QVGA, WQVGA400, WQVGA432, WSVGA, WVGA800 (default), WVGA854, WXGA720, WXGA800, WXGA800-7in, AndroidWearRound, AndroidWearRound360x360, AndroidWearRound400x400, Android
WearRound480x480, AndroidWearRoundChin320x290, AndroidWearRoundChin320x300, AndroidWearRoundChin360x325, AndroidWearRoundChin360x326, AndroidWearRoundChin360x330, AndroidWearSquare, And
roidWearSquare240x240, AndroidWearSquare320x320, AndroidWearRound, AndroidWearRound360x360, AndroidWearRound400x400, AndroidWearRound480x480, AndroidWearRoundChin320x290, AndroidWearRou
ndChin320x300, AndroidWearRoundChin360x325, AndroidWearRoundChin360x326, AndroidWearRoundChin360x330, AndroidWearSquare, AndroidWearSquare240x240, AndroidWearSquare320x320
Tag/ABIs : no ABIs.

I am using Facebook plugin specifically for login purpose…

My All imports in app.module.ts

import {NgModule, ErrorHandler} from ‘@angular/core’;
import {IonicApp, IonicModule, IonicErrorHandler,NavController,} from ‘ionic-angular’;
import { Storage } from ‘@ionic/storage’;
import { ConferenceApp } from ‘./app.component’;
import { AboutPage } from ‘…/pages/about/about’;
import { PopoverPage } from ‘…/pages/about-popover/about-popover’;
import { AccountPage } from ‘…/pages/account/account’;
import { LoginPage } from ‘…/pages/login/login’;
import { MapPage } from ‘…/pages/map/map’;
import { SchedulePage } from ‘…/pages/schedule/schedule’;
import { ScheduleFilterPage } from ‘…/pages/schedule-filter/schedule-filter’;
import { SessionDetailPage } from ‘…/pages/session-detail/session-detail’;
import { SignupPage } from ‘…/pages/signup/signup’;
import { SpeakerDetailPage } from ‘…/pages/speaker-detail/speaker-detail’;
import { SpeakerListPage } from ‘…/pages/speaker-list/speaker-list’;
import { TabsPage } from ‘…/pages/tabs/tabs’;
import { TutorialPage } from ‘…/pages/tutorial/tutorial’;
import { SupportPage } from ‘…/pages/support/support’;
import { ServoyPage } from ‘…/pages/servoy/servoy’;
import { LoginpopupPage } from ‘…/pages/loginpopup/loginpopup’;