Error ionic 3.9.2 / Deploy

Since 2 days, i can’t use deploy to update my app ?

can you help meplease

Which URl is returning a 404 here?
“Insights” has been deprecated and removed for ages, maybe this is causing issues?

insights is “new” for me, it’s appear since env. 3.8.0, but i think it’s not the problem,
i retry my old compiled apk, and they display same message now,

thanks you for your answer

See my other question:

Or what actually isn’t working with Deploy for you? You posted a screenshot of some error, but is this really the problem or is this unrelated? What are you doing when this error appears? => {
			// download is done
			console.log('download completed!');
			// extract the update
			this.deploy.extract().then(() => {
				console.log('extract completed!');
				this.deploy.load(); // reload the app to apply the changes
				console.log('reload completed!');

crash before : console.log(‘download completed!’);,

but app continue working , ( except update :slight_smile: :slight_smile: )

i find the prbolem, last time i only use : ionic upload, and metadata was empty !
with the complete line :
ionic upload --deploy=dev --note=“v0.0.9” --metadata="{“version”:“v0.0.9”,“level”:“Critique”,“infos”:“Upgrade Bases et Update App”}"

update work fine!

thanks you

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Oh, you should make sure that your code can also handle an empty metadata (or at least fail silently or with a logging message that mentions the empty meta data).