Error in Android Build Uncaught TypeError


Uncaught TypeError: Object # has no method ‘querySelectorAll’:2551 error .

Does this mean my script is loading before the images? The app is using slide-box with about 50 styled slides. iPad version wont build out because of memory pressure and now when building to Android getting this error.


It is impossible to debug your error on the basis of this description. Please provide a codepen that illustrates the error.


I only have webdesign experience, so I have no idea where to begin to even debug. I have hosted the application online at I keep seeing a scroll error, but that is only noticeable error. When I swap ionic files for older beta releases the error goes away.

This is the error I get when using the latest beta- see image. To view the app you can go to and inspect elements.


So when you roll back to beta 3 the error goes away?


Seems the error in your latest screencap stems from a function that tries to add a scrollbar. One of the devs should probably take a look at this one, especially if it’s true the error does not occur when you roll back a beta version. I don’t think this error actually stops the app from running though, at least in the browser.

The error you mention in your first post seems like a different error:
Uncaught TypeError: Object # has no method 'querySelectorAll':2551 error .

Could you please verify if this error also occurs when you roll back a version?

You also mention that this app won’t compile on iPad due to memory concerns. I think that’s a much bigger concern because it could mean you might have to rearchitect your app to get the memory usage down. I’d open up a separate thread on the forum to discuss that issue. Please provide an error message from the iPad or Xcode when you do. Thanks.


I switched to earlier beta and uploaded to so you can see the errors go away in the console. I also just switched to beta just released few minutes ago and the error is still there


Ok, there were quite a few fixes done since the release of 1.0.0 beta5 (the latest release is now 1.0.0 beta 5b).

So first try the latest release. If the error still occurs, open up an issue at GitHub that describes your problem. Try to be as descriptive as possible in your issue report.


Just to chime in… the append child error was from trying to dynamically add/remove an ion-content :smile: