Error-free ios/android projects for v6?

Call me persnickety, but I use every code-quality tool I can find to “tie my hands in the most efficient position”: Typescript strict mode, JSON schema, Eslint, Sonarlint, Sonarqube, full code coverage automated tests, Snyk dependency security, the works (and please let me know if I missed any good ones!).

An issue I’ve seen in Ionic for many revisions has been errors in the generated Xcode and Android Studio projects for Cordova and Capacitor. These seem to not be serious errors, I haven’t looked into them so far, but it’s disconcerting to be greeted with them even with vanilla starter Ionic projects. “Did I do something wrong?”

Also if you run snyk --all-projects (a fancier npm audit) to see if there are any vulnerabilities in 3rd party libraries, you get problems in these generated android/ios projects that seem addressable. Again I haven’t dug in there yet but again it saps confidence in the vanilla starter and may lull me into missing a more concerning issue. The angular (web-targeted) code gets through all these checks no problem so far.

So it would be nice if the Ionic team prioritized fully clean, error-free builds for android/ios capacitor v3 projects so should anything relevant show up as an error we’ll actually pay attention to them rather than shrugging them off. Of course, I don’t know how hard that is to do in practice. But if no one complains, more shrugging ensues…

Thanks and great work on Ionic overall!