Error: File to import not found or unreadable: ../www/lib/ionic/scss

Have downloaded my ionic v1 creator project as a zip and followed instructions in ZIP tutorial. Getting to run

ionic cordova run android and getting the following error with sass plugin:

[DEBUG] Missing ionic:build:before gulp task.
[DEBUG] Invoking sass gulp task.
Error in plugin ‘sass’
Error: File to import not found or unreadable: …/www/lib/ionic/scss.
on line 4 of scss/

@import “…/www/lib/ionic/scss”;


[DEBUG] Missing ionic:build:after gulp task.

Has anyone experienced this ?


I have no experience about v1, but you are sure that your path is correct?

Best regards, anna-liebt.

Seems to be. I am following instructions to download the ZIP archive from creator (v1 project) and run “ionic cordova run android” from the project folder after installing latest CLI and running “npm install” to get gulp ans sass setup

This seems to be working now.

I created a v1 project outside of creator in the CLI and noticed that the entry was:

// Include all of Ionic
@import "www/lib/ionic/scss/ionic";

I changed the file that was downloaded as the creator ZIP archive and the error has gone.

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I filed an issue for this: